Getting Started

Roc is a language for making delightful software. It does not have an 0.1 release yet, and we certainly don't recommend using it in production in its current state! However, it can be fun to play around with as long as you have a tolerance for missing features and compiler bugs. :)

The tutorial is the best place to learn about how to use the language - it assumes no prior knowledge of Roc or similar languages. (If you already know Elm, then Roc for Elm Programmers may be of interest.)

If you have a specific question, the FAQ might have an answer, although Roc Zulip chat is overall the best place to ask questions and get help! It's also where we discuss ideas for the language. If you want to get involved in contributing to the language, Zulip is also a great place to ask about good first projects.



Running Examples

You can run examples as follows:

cd examples
roc dev helloWorld.roc

crates/cli/tests/benchmarks contains more examples.

Getting Involved

The number of people involved in Roc's development has been steadily increasing over time - which has been great, because it's meant we've been able to onboard people at a nice pace. (Most people who have contributed to Roc had previously never done anything with Rust and also never worked on a compiler, but we've been able to find beginner-friendly projects to get people up to speed gradually.)

If you're interested in getting involved, check out!

If you're interested in substantial implementation- or research-heavy projects related to Roc, check out Roc Project Ideas!